CMDA 4604 · Intermediate Topics in Mathematical Modeling

Fall 2015 · Virginia Tech


Problem Sets

Mathematically rigorous solutions are expected; strive for clarity and elegance. You may collaborate on the problems, but your write-up must be your own independent work. Transcribed solutions and copied MATLAB code are both unacceptable. Unless it is specified that a particular calculation must be performed `by hand,' you are encouraged to use MATLAB's Symbolic Math Toolbox (or Mathematica/Wolfram Alpha/Maple) to compute and simplify tedious integrals and derivatives on the problem sets.

Class Project:: project.pdf
Project declared (in person) by 5pm on Friday, 13 November
Project write-up due by 5pm on Wednesday 9 December
Problem Set 8: hw8.pdf
Due at 5pm on Monday, 30 November
Problem Set 7: hw7.pdf
Due at 5pm on Monday, 16 November
Problem Set 6: hw6.pdf
Due at 5pm on Monday, 9 November
beam_mats.m: mass and stiffness matrices for Problem 4
Problem Set 5: hw5.pdf
Due at 5pm on Wednesday, 28 October
Problem Set 4: hw4.pdf
Due at 5pm on Monday, 12 October
Problem Set 3: hw3.pdf
Due at 5pm on Monday, 5 October
Problem Set 2: hw2.pdf
hat.m: Chebfun code for problem 2
Download Chebfun
Due at 5pm on Friday, 18 September
Problem Set 1: hw1.pdf
Due at 5pm on Friday, 4 September