"Seht ihr den Mond dort stehen? Er ist nur halb zu sehen,
Und ist doch rund und schön! So sind wohl manche Sachen,
Die wir getrost belachen, Weil unsre Augen sie nicht sehn."
Matthias Claudius (Abendlied, um 1778)

Research keywords

inverse problems, machine learning, computational biology & medicine, numerical analysis, optimization, optimal experimental design, scientific computing, regularization, applied linear algebra, dynamical systems, uncertainty quatification.

Current research group

  • Hayden Ringer, Surrogate Data, PhD candidate, since 2020.
  • Hamza Adjerid, State estimation method for active distribution network}, master candidate, since 2021.
  • Kathrine Saniel, Variable Projected Augmented Lagrangian Methods, master candidate, since 2020.
  • Greg Harrison, Deep sampling approaches, undergraduate research (CMDA), since 2021.

Chung Lab Alumni

PhD students

  • Tanner Slagel, Big data inverse problems, PhD thesis, 2019.
  • Justin Krueger,Identifying the dynamics of small and large microbial communities, PhD thesis, 2017.
  • Britta Göbel, Relationship between brain activity and peripheral glucose metabolism - combining experimentally acquired data with mathematical models, PhD thesis, advising, 2011.

  • Master students

  • Hanyu Pi, Massive inverse problems, master thesis, 2020.
  • Jon Cooper, Gaussian processes for model reduction, master thesis, 2020.
  • Romcholo Macatula,Gaussian processes for parameter estimation, master thesis, 2020.
  • Bryan Kaperick, Diagonal estimation, master thesis, 2019.
  • Robert Torrence, Bayesian Parameter Estimation on Three Models of Influenza, master thesis, 2017.
  • Tanner Slagel, The Sherman Morrison iteration, master thesis, 2015.
  • Geoffrey Miller, Theory and Application of Numerical Analysis to Select Problems in Physics, master thesis, 2012.
  • Janine Olesch, Parameterschätzverfahren: Ein- und Mehrzielansatz, English: Parameter estimation: initial and multi value approach}, diploma thesis, 2008.
  • Undergraduate students

  • Stazio Gauza, Covid-19 modeling and parameter estimation, undergraduate research, 2021.
  • Matthew Pinho, Least squares finite elements, undergraduate research (CMDA) 2020.
  • Jon Cooper, Reduced order modeling using Gaussian processes}, undergraduate research (CMDA), 2019.
  • Aimee Maurais, Atmospheric CO2 modeling and uncertainty estimation, undergraduate research (CMDA), 2018.
  • Arianna Krinos, Atmospheric CO2 modeling and uncertainty estimation, undergraduate research (CMDA), 2018.
  • Thomas Grady, Parallel Randomized Iterative Methods, undergraduate research (CMDA), 2018.
  • Damon Shaw, Parallel Randomized Iterative Methods, undergraduate research, 2018.
  • Miao Wang, Parameter estimation in thermal cooling, undergraduate research (CMDA), 2017.
  • Bryan Kaperick, Randomized SVD and diagonal estimation, undergraduate research, 2017.
  • Khan Nguyen, Least squares finite element methods, undergraduate research, 2016.
  • Romcholo Macatula, Experimental design and parameter estimation, undergraduate research (CMDA), 2016.
  • William Winter, Collocation methods, undergraduate research, 2015.

  • Software tools

    Optimal regularized inverse matrices (Matlab Implementation)
    Descriptive Statistics (Matlab Implementation)
    Iterative adaptive Simpson/Lobatto Method (Matlab Implementation)
    Visualization for Spherical Harmonics (Matlab Implementation)
    Continuous Shooting (Parameter Estimation for ODEs)