General Information

A workshop followed by a conference on Nonlinear Model Reduction for Control was held at Virginia Tech during 22-26 May 2023.

A two-day workshop targeted at graduate students and postdocs included tutorials on nonlinear balancing and control, proper orthogonal decomposition and other model reduction strategies, and computational methods for implementing these approaches.

The conference themes were nonlinear balanced truncation, Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman approaches to control and model reduction, interpolatory and data-driven methods for nonlinear systems, proper orthogonal decomposition for control, and tensor methods for scalable computation.

The final conference program can be found here.

group photo

Tutorial Sessions

Tutorial sessions for junior researchers will be held on Monday and Tuesday, the 22nd and 23rd of May, and cover the following topics

  • Jacquelien Scherpen: nonlinear balanced truncation
  • Boris Kramer: computation for nonlinear balancing
  • Misha Kilmer: tensor computation
  • Jeff Borggaard: nonlinear balancing and nonlinear feedback control software
  • Tobias Breiten: nonlinear control and model reduction
  • Carmen Graessle: nonlinear control-oriented model reduction based on proper orthogonal decomposition

Conference Information

The conference will be held from Wednesday through Friday, the 24th-26th of May, and consist of research talks centered about the conference themes.

Plenary Speakers

  • Jan Heiland
  • John Singler