Pictures and Movies

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Nara, Japan, fall 1997


Householder Symposium XX, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia 2017:

        Cascades Hike and Reception, Banquet 1, Banquet 2, Dance 1, (more coming)  

Householder Symposium XIX Spa, Belgium, 2014: Excursion and Banquet, Dance

SIAM Applied Linear Algebra, Valencia, summer 2012: Banquet and SIAM Linear Algebra Prize

Householder Symposium XVIII, Granlibakken Resort, Lake Tahoe, CA, 2011: Hike, Banquet

Conference in Honor of G.W. (Pete) Stewart's 70th Birthday: Celebration and Banquet

Householder Symposium XVII, Zeuthen, Germany, 2008: Excursion, Banquet, Berlin Trip

SIAM-GAMM Applied Linear Algebra, Düsseldorf, summer 2006: Excursion and a Hot Meal

Celebration in honor of Henk van der Vorst, July 22, 2006

Zhen's Last Lunch (with the NA group) – will return

Householder Symposium XVI, Seven Springs, 2005

Preconditioning Conference, Emory, Atlanta Georgia, 2005: Registration and Dinner

Coeur d'Alene, fall 1996

Sydney, summer 2003 (will return)

Williamsburg, summer 2003 (will return)

Albuquerque, summer 2003 (will return)

Copper Mountain, spring 2004 (will return)