MaSc 1024: Mathematics, a Liberal Arts Approach

This web page is designed to provide some assistance to students wishing to obtain credit by exam for MASC 1024, Mathematics, A Liberal Arts Approach. Here you will find some of the materials available to students when the course was last taught. Additional material can be found in the textbook: The Nature of Mathematics, 9th edition by Karl J. Smith. Chapters 1, 3, 4 and 6 of the text were covered in the course.

Sample Hour Exams

Here are samples of the hour exams that were given when the course was last taught. The "credit by exam" test covers the material covered in these exams plus the material discussed in the final three lectures described in the syllabus below.

Fall 2002 Syllabus with Lecture Notes

The syllabus below was used when the course was last taught in Fall 2002. Links to lecture notes are provided. Note: The lecture notes were generated from Power point slides and there are some problems with the fonts on the web. In addition, the notes were intended to accompany in-class lectures, not as a tool for self-study. Despite these defects, they should be helpful to students studying for credit by exam.

Date Section Topic Homework (from Smith's text)
Monday, August 26 1.1 Problem Solving p.15 #22,23,38,39
Wednesday, August 28 1.1 Pascal's Triangle p.14 #10-16,25,27,28
Monday, September 2 1.4 Sets p.53 #7,8,10,12,14
Wednesday, September 4 1.4 Venn diagrams p.53 #15,18,19,29,32,35,37,39,40,46,49,50,53
Monday, September 9
Wednesday, September 11
Monday, September 16 3.1 Egyptian and Roman number systems p. 123 #8,11,16-24,38,a,b,40a,b,46,47,48
Wednesday, September 18 3.1 Babylonian p.123 #28-33,38c,40c,44,45,49-51
Monday, September 23 3.2 Hindu-Arabic p.128 #7,8,16,29,22,31,32
Wednesday, September 25 3.3 Different Bases I p.134 #7,8,10,15,17,18
Monday, September 30 3.3 Different Bases II p.134 #21,29,31-34,44,47,48,50
Wednesday, October 2 3.4 The Binary System p.138 # 4,7,12,15,20,23,24,25,30,39,42,44,53,56
Monday, October 7
Wednesday, October 9
Monday, October 14 4.1 Natural Numbers p.163 #16-22,28,32,39,41,46,54
Wednesday, October 16 4.2 Prime Numbers I p. 177 #7,8,11,12,17,21
Monday, October 21 4.2 Prime Numbers II p.177 #37,38,42,45,46
Wednesday, October 23 4.3-4.6 Integers, Rationals, Reals p. 215 #46-50
Monday, October 28
Wednesday, October 30
Monday, November 4 4.6, 4.7 Groups p.215 #60, p.224 # 5-14
Wednesday, November 6 4.7 Modular Arithmetic p.224 #15-30, 38,44
Monday, November 11 4.8 Cryptography p.230 #2,9,11,14,17,19,21,25
Wednesday, November 13
Monday, November 18
Wednesday, November 20
No class (West Virginia game parking conflict)

Monday, December 2 6.6 Golden Rectangles p.376 #5,8,9,11,24
Wednesday, December 4 6.7 Hamiltonian/Euler Circuits p.385 #6-11,18-21,24-27,28-32
Monday, December 9 6.8 Topology p.397 #4,5,8,10,12,13
Wednesday, December 11
Friday, December 13 7 PM Final Exam