To: Local Supervisor, 41st Virginia Tech Regional Math Contest

From: Peter Linnell, Contest Director, 540-231-2764


  1. Arrange in advance for a suitable examination room and make available to the contestants an ample supply of 8.5'' × 11'' plain white paper.

  2. For each student, choose a word consisting of four alpha-numeric characters, the first two characters being the numeric code that I will give you for your institution. For example if you have three students and your institution code is 23, then you could use the words 2345, 23Ab, 23X5. Use this word to fill in the registration number on the individual registration form (a different! registration number for each student; also please use only alpha-numeric characters for the registration number). Also fill out the second password that I will give you (this is for the student's benefit). The registration number and password are case sensitive (this means that in theory there is a limit of (10 + 52)2 = 3844 students who can take the exam at your institution).

  3. Have the contestants fill out the Individual Registration Forms at about 8:45a.m. and ask them to read carefully the instructions listed there.

  4. See that the contestants use no calculators, reference tables, etc. Only pencils (or pens) and plain paper are permitted.

  5. Start the contest at 9:00a.m. Allow exactly 2.5 hours working time and then take up the papers promptly.

  6. Package the individual registration forms and all work submitted for grading (but keep the problems sheet) as soon as possible and mail First Class (or Fedex/UPS 2 day) to:
Dr. Peter A. Linnell, Chair
Virginia Tech Regional Math Contest
Department of Mathematics, 460 McBryde
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061-1026

We will not accept any packet of papers which is postmarked later than November 1, 2019. Thanks for your cooperation.

Peter Linnell 2009-06-05