41st Annual Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Contest
From 9:00a.m. to 11:30a.m., October 26, 2019

Individual Registration

Registration Number:

(Provided by supervisor)

Name (Last, First, Middle Initial):

Major and Year of Graduation:


Check (✓) one of the following:
(    )     I am a regularly enrolled college or university undergraduate.
(    )     I am a high school student enrolled in a college or university mathematics class.

Instructions (Read Carefully!)

  1. Do not use calculators or tables.

  2. Use separate sheets of paper for each problem. This is very important, since each grader will grade only one problem.

  3. Write your Registration Number (the four character word shown above) in the upper right corner of each sheet. This must be legible in order for you to receive credit! Do not put your name or the name of your institute on your work.

  4. Write the problem number clearly in the upper left corner of each sheet. Mark out all work that you do not wish graded.

  5. Each problem is graded on a basis of zero to ten points. Partial credit will be given for significant progress toward a solution.

  6. Show all steps necessary to justify an answer or complete a proof.

  7. At the end of the contest, give this sheet and all your work that you wish graded to your contest supervisor (keep the problem sheet).

  8. Staple sheets from the same problem, but please do not staple sheets from separate problems (so if you use only one sheet for each problem, there should be no stapling).

Remember! Place your Registration and Problem Number on Each Sheet. Keep the registration number and password (case sensitive) if you want to access your score off the WEB.

Peter Linnell 2008-05-22