Michael A. Robert, Ph.D.
   Assistant Professor
   Department Mathematics
   Virginia Tech

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Michael Robert

Michael A. Robert (he/him/his)
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Virginia Tech
PhD, Biomathematics, North Carolina State University, 2013
B.S., Mathematics, Mississippi State University, 2008

Sahil Chindal Sahil Chindal, M.S. (he/him/his)
Graduate Student, Systems Modeling and Analysis PhD Program, Virginia Commonwealth University

Research Interests: Sahil is interested in statistical approaches to estimating epidemiological parameters and harnessing social media data to improve techniques for including human movement in epidemiological models.

Morgan Jackson, M.S. (she/her/hers)
Graduate Student, Systems Modeling and Analysis PhD Program, Virginia Commonwealth University

Research Interests: Morgan's work is centered on improving meteorologically driven mathematical models of vector-borne disease. Currently, she is working on incorporating seasonally varying temperature into models of dengue fever in emerging environments.

Sethupathy Ganesan
Undergraduate Student, Mathematics, Virginia Commonwealth University

Research Interests: Sethupathy is working on validating seasonally forced mathematical models of zika virus with climatological and epidemiological data sets.

Jeff Evans, M.S.
High School Teacher, Midlothian, VA

Research Interests: Jeff's work is currently focused on integrating climate-driven variables into models of novel vector-borne disease control methods.

Group Alumni

Alyssa Stecco

Alyssa Stecco (she/her/hers)
B.S. Physics, University of the Sciences of Philadelphia 2020
Current Status: Systems Engineer, Arcfield

Research Interests: During her time in the lab, Alyssa developed models of Wolbachia infection in mosquito populations with the goal of studying the differential impacts of density-dependent mortality and development on mosquito population reduction and replacement methods. Her work showed how important density dependence can be for the success of mosquito control programs and how reduction and replacement methods are impacted differently by density-dependent life processes.

Danielle Fanizzi

Masters in Data Science, University of Michigan 2022

B.S. Mathematics, Penn State
Current Status: Senior Associate Solutions Advisor, SAS

Research Interests: Danielle's work focused on improving movement models for inclusion in epidemiological models of vector-borne disease. Her work integrated gravity models into models of dengue fever in the Dominican Republic.

Evan Malcolm
B.S. Biomedical Sciences, University of the Sciences of Philadelphia 2021
Current Status: Medical Laboratory Scientist, Penn Medicine

Research Interests: Evan's work focused on how disease spread was impacted by reactionary control measures and the waning of adherence to such measures. Furthermore, Evan investigated sociodemographic variables associated with different response rates (and rates of waning adherence) to control measures in the early stages of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania.