Positions Held

Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
Department of Mathematics
Virginia Tech, VA, USA.
Aug. 2023-
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Cleveland State University, OH, USA.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University, SC, USA.
Mentor: Prof. Felice Manganiello.


Ph.D. in Mathematics, CINVESTAV-IPN.
Advisor: Prof. Rafael H. Villarreal.
University of Neuchatel, Switzerland, visiting scholar (2014-2015).
Advisor: Prof. Elisa Gorla.
Ph.D. Thesis: Algebraic Methods for Parameterized and Cartesian Codes.
M.Sc. in Mathematics, CINVESTAV-IPN
Advisor: Prof. Rafael H. Villarreal.
B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics, Autonomous University of Aguascalientes.
UNAM, visiting scholar (2007-2008).


Recent publications

  1. On the affine permutation group of certain decreasing Cartesian codes (with E. Camps-Moreno, I. Soprunov, and E. Sarmiento). Submitted.
  1. arXiv The poset of binary CSS-T quantum codes and cyclic codes (with E. Camps-Moreno, G. Matthews, D. Ruano, R. San-José, and I. Soprunov). Submitted.
  1. DOI Springer Experience in Teaching Quantum Computing with Hands-on Programming Labs (with F. Galetto, M. Rahmati, J. Sang, and C. Yu). The Journal of Supercomputing, to appear.
  1. arXiv Explicit non-special divisors of small degree and LCD codes from Kummer extensions (with E. Camps and G. Matthews). SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry, to appear.
  1. DOI arXiv PDF Relative hulls and quantum codes (with S. Anderson, E. Camps-Moreno, G. Matthews, D. Ruano, and I. Soprunov. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, to appear.
  1. DOI arXiv Mathematical LoRE: Local Recovery of Erasures using Polynomials, Curves, Surfaces, and Liftings (with K. Haymaker, B. Malmskog, G. Matthews, and Fernando Piñero). IEEE BITS the Information Theory Magazine, to appear.
  1. More publications...


Coming events

July 2025

July 2024

July 2024

April 2024

April 2024

February 2024

Jul. 2025 Special session on Coding Theory (with Henry Chimal-Dzul, Maria Chara, and Luciane Quoos). Mathematical Congress of the Americas 2025. Miami, FL, USA.
Jul. 2024 Coding Theory and Cryptography Summer School and Collaboration Workshop (with E. Gorla, A. Horlemann-Trautmann, F. Manganiello, G. Matthews, and J. Rosenthal). Virginia Tech Steger Center. Riva San Vitale, Switzerland.
Jul. 2024 A link between (commutative) algebra and coding theory (course with Y. Pitones). Applied Algebraic Geometry in Colombia. An EMALCA Summer School. Bogota, Colombia.
Apr. 2024 Special session on Coding Theory & Applications (with E. McMillon and E. Camps). 2024 Spring Eastern Sectional Meeting. Howard University. Washington, DC, USA.
Apr. 2024 ACTiV(T), Algebraic Coding Theory in Virginia (Tech) (with G. Cotardo, E. McMillon, E. Camps Moreno, G. Matthews, and P. Soto). Virginia Tech, VA, USA.
Feb. 2024 Conference on Algebraic Applications to Coding Theory and Crypto (with Y. Pitones). Casa Rafael Galván, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. CDMX, Mexico.
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