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Most of my work is concerned with topology of manifolds, and topics in algebra, algebraic topology, and controlled topology needed for this. A particular current interest is the Farrell-Jones conjecture in K-theory. See the arXiv for papers, or my Mathematics page for a partial selection.


For essays on mathematics education, computer testing, and related topics see my Education page.

I am the primary developer of materials for Math 1206c, the computer-tested form of the second semester of the first-year calculus for science and engineering.

I am the organizer of the EduTeX Working Group of the TeX Users Group. This is concerned with educational testing software.

Other Materials

Essays and other materials from an involvement in electronic publication in the mid 1990s can be found on the page Electronic Publication.

Materials on the history and structure of mathematics are on the page History and Nature of Mathematics.

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics
476 McBryde Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0123
(540) 231-5960 (FaX)

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